Shane Volunteer

Shane Hryhorec

"When you have an injury it’s helpful to talk to people who have gone through similar situations."


Shane is a business owner, running Push Mobility, a disability equipment provider. He enjoys swimming, gardening, cycling, and socialising. He has travelled to Europe and Asia, as work takes him overseas each year.
After a swimming pool accident, Shane acquired a C5 incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. He independently drives a 4WD, and uses a manual chair, but can walk short-distances. He also has a public access trained assistance dog.

Shane believes that after an accident it is beneficial to talk to people who are like-minded to understand how they overcame their hurdles. He is eager to provide his knowledge as a business owner to others who are also interested in the area. Identifying as a gay male, Shane also wants to share his own experiences to help those in the LGBT community.


LxQuad, LxNDIS, LxStandingTransfer, LxSelfdrivingSUV, LxCooking, LxGardening, LxSwimming, LxOverseasTravel LxTravel

Shane is living with C5 incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 15 years.