Danielle Volunteer

Danielle O'Brien

"I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends in between being the taxi driver for my teenage kids!"

Since her accident in 1986 Danielle has gone on to live a full life and her achievements
include finishing two degrees, and having two children.

Since the death of her husband a few years ago Danielle has been focused on her family (vs
career) and is the taxi driver for her teenage kids going between music/drama lessons,
netball and gymnastics. She had a Volkswagon Transporter modified so she can drive from her power wheelchair –
a complicated process but one she feels was worth it.

Danielle has travelled interstate as well as overseas on a cruise to New Zealand. She enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends


LxQuad, LxTAC, LxCareSupport, LxHoist , LxSelfDrivingVan, LxTravel 

Danielle is living with C5 spinal cord injury for the past 36 years.