Alan Hoare

"My peer support mentor gave me good advice and helped me through a difficult time - I think I can use my experience to offer similar support to others"

Alan was working on a large rail design project in 2011 when he got a T10 spinal injury caused by an abscess in his spinal cord. Since his injury, he's gone back to work with his original employer in the rail industry on a part-time basis. 

Alan is a grandfather and lives with his wife on a ten-acre property in the country. The property needs a lot of maintenance, which he does himself, with the aid of a Kubota with hydrostatic controls. 

Alan uses a manual wheelchair and he can aslo walk "a bit, sometimes, sort-of". He drives a Jeep grand Cherokee with wireless hand controls. He has also fitted his wife's 1953 Ford Customline with "home-made" hand controls, which he drives occasionally.


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Alan is living with T10 incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 11 years.