Peer Support Team

Our multi-award winning team of peer support workers and volunteers come from all walks and stages of life. They have diverse lived experience pre and post Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). What they share in common is that they are all living active and purposeful lives in the community and have a shared passion to share their lived experiences to help others with SCI to frame positive expectations of life with SCI

You can browse the articles below to learn more about a selection of the 50+ people we have available to offer peer support on various aspects of life with SCI.

Learn more about our 57 team members


Stuart is a student, working towards a Diploma in Community Services. He uses a manual and motorised wheelchair and lives independently with a housemate.

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Wayne is one of Spire’s Peer Support Information Officers (part-time), a Disability support worker (casual basis), loving family man and a keen sportsman. He enjoys horse racing, footy and sport. Wayne uses a manual wheelchair and drives a modified ute with hand controls.

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Trevor is a father, a grandfather, an avid and accomplished musician, and a dedicated disability advocate. He has been living with a T3 incomplete spinal cord injury since 1994.

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Tina is a Primary school teacher who enjoys basketball, camping, music and loves walking her dog. She has driven interstate on road trips, taken cruises and backpacked across Europe.

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Susana is a passionate member of the Spire community. She is a regular participant of the Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals (SCIP), a dedicated volunteer at Spire and the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, active representative of the Ballarat Regional Network, and an avid physical and mental health and well-being believer.

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