Peer Coaching

Peer support is a powerful tool. One person’s experience of spinal cord injury (SCI) and everything that comes along with it can be invaluable when shared with another person going through the same, or a similar experience. By connecting people in the SCI community who have faced similar challenges, hurdles can be overcome, goals set and successful outcomes achieved.

Peer-coaching is a natural extension of general peer-support but focuses around specific areas of life with SCI, such as health and employment. It is delivered by trained coaches with significant lived-experience of life post-SCI and with particular success and experience in their specialised area of coaching. The overall aim is to assist people to frame expectations, make informed decisions and take ownership of the different aspects of their lives to develop their full potential.


Peer-health coaching is a pilot health intervention service which combines up to date clinical information, together with the collective lived-experience and knowledge of SCI. It seeks to help people frame opportunities, make informed decisions and explore options in making educated choices to achieve health and wellbeing outcomes which are important to them.

It can cover elements, including but not limited to;

  • bladder and bowel health,
  • skin and wound care,
  • mental health and
  • healthy lifestyles.

It is not a prescriptive health intervention, but an ongoing coaching service which supports and facilitates individuals to take control and ownership of their health and/or employment outcomes and work towards them in a considered and informed manner.

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"Peer-coaching can help you frame expectations and set goals to achieve your own health and well-being outcomes".

“There are so many advantages of working in society. It's the way we build up social networks, make friends and meet people. It gives you that feeling that you are contributing to something".

Employment Coaches

Employment coaching focuses specifically on supporting others with a spinal injury in all aspects of their career development or study goals. It seeks to encourage people with SCI or similar physical complex disabilities to develop their full professional potential and to find, retain and advance their employment status. Work and study is a great way to meet new people and develop new skills, as well as enhance independence, positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Employment coaches will support people who may be

  • beginning their career,
  • looking to re-enter the workforce post-injury,
  • employed full or part time,
  • unemployed or
  • going through a work/career transition.

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Delivery of Peer-Coaching

Peer coaching services will be delivered principally via telephone, but other methods may also be available – Skype, face-to-face and email. Please contact us if you interested in receiving support in these areas or in becoming a peer-coach.

Email [email protected] or call 03 9489 0777.

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