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This is a space where people living with SCI and like disability share their lived-experience views, tips, tricks and thoughts around navigating the NDIS. It is a place to discuss issues and concerns, and share successes and barriers. By sharing people’s lived-experience of the NDIS and what they have learnt, we hope to help others as they navigate their own NDIS journey.

Content can range from personal blogs, to informative articles, short tips and tricks and useful resources. We invite you to contribute your own experiences as well; the good, the bad and everything in between. Feel free to comment on articles or contact us to provide your own.

Staff profile: Sibel Toremis, NDIS Support Coordinator
4 February, 2019

After more than six years at AQA, Sibel takes on her biggest challenge yet in helping participants build their capacity to thrive under the NDIS.

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NDIS planning meeting: How Chante aced her interview
29 January, 2019

A disability support worker alerted Chante Masset to the need to prepare for her first NDIS planning meeting. Now the 20-year-old is helping others, through other carers.

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A light-touch review might help you manage your NDIS plan more effectively
8 November, 2018

Three forms of management are available for an NDIS plan, each with upsides and downsides. A recent case showed that you may switch to a more suitable form without applying for a full plan review. The result can be very helpful.

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Pick up your respite and take it on holiday!
10 August, 2018

Everyone enjoys a break from their everyday routine. This can be true for the person living with a spinal cord injury, as well as their loved ones. A creative and fresh approach to respite can make a more refreshing break for everyone!

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Why the NDIS wants to support your life with your partner
19 July, 2018

It is easy to imagine that using NDIS funding to take some pressure off your relationship with a loved one is a bit self-indulgent. The truth is - it’s not.

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