NDIS Support Coordination

Having Support Coordination as part of your NDIS plan can open up new opportunities by helping you build a network of supports and services that you can utilise ongoing. Our approach to NDIS Support coordination is based on the lived-experience. It is led and resourced by people with spinal cord injury (SCI) who bring with them their in-depth knowledge and experience of navigating life in the community; setting incremental goals and progressing purposefully towards achieving a full life of their own choosing. By combining our extensive knowledge of navigating life with SCI together with knowledge of the NDIS and the SCI community experience of NDIS, we resource you to make the most out your NDIS plan to achieve your personal life goals.

What is NDIS Support coordination?

The aim of Support Coordination is to assist participants navigating and accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It is to build people’s capacity for independence through facilitating conversations around what is possible, assisting you in selecting providers best suited to your needs, and helping you to best utilise the funds in your NDIS plan; including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. You can be eligible for Support Coordination for the first 12 months of your plan, including your first NDIA plan review.

What will Support Coordination do for your life?

Support Coordination will help you develop and build the capacity to better understand the NDIS, what it means for you, and help equip you to choose your own supports. By working together in creative and resourceful ways, participants can learn how to achieve their goals within their funding budgets; getting their supports up and running, and operating in the most optimal way. For example, finding and securing improved living arrangements, home modifications, supporting you to achieve greater independence and coordinating your supports. Having Support Coordination in your life will open up new opportunities by helping you build a network of supports and services that you can utilise ongoing to participate more fully in the community and live the life you choose.  

"Support Coordination builds your capacity to connect with services, implement your plan and achieve your goals"

"If you're new to the scheme, Support Coordination could really help you make the most of NDIS"

How do you get Support Coordination included in your plan? How much will you need?

Support Coordination is a NDIS funded service but it is not included in every plan. By preparing in advance for your planning meeting with a very clear goal of how you will use your funded supports, you will have a much easier time getting your requested hours for Support Coordination approved. The amount of Support Coordination that each person needs will vary considerably.

How would AQA work with you? What is AQA’s approach and what would we aim to achieve by the end of the plan period.

AQA has a long and established history of providing support and services to people living with SCI and similar complex physical disabilities. Our approach to Support Coordination is driven by our peer mentors, our desire to build capacity, our excellent knowledge of the SCI community and SCI resources, and our understanding of the NDIS. It is a unique approach that is based on the lived-experience of SCI to support and empower people to live the most independent life possible.


Taking a person-focused approach to understanding each person’s unique needs we will use each conversation and interaction as valuable and constructive time to prepare your NDIS plan. We aim to get your plan up and running, educate you to be self-sufficient in monitoring the quality and spend of your supports and services (ensuring they are operating within budget) and to prepare you for your NDIA Plan Review. Across the cycle of your plan we will also provide mentoring and peer support, and help you troubleshoot, tackle and resolve any concerns or barriers.

NDIS Support Coordination aligns with AQA’s mission to promote people’s capacity, their value and to support people to live the most independent lives as possible, in all aspects of community life.

What happens if I don’t Support Coordination?

If you do not receive Support Coordination funding AQA is still able to assist you in a variety of ways.

To find out more about Support Coordination and other services offered by AQA please contact us on 9489 0777 or email [email protected]        

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