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Here at Spire we aim to provide information that is dependable, reliable, and accessible on all aspects of life with a spinal cord injury (SCI) such as services, equipment, travel, and health and wellbeing, etc.

Our information is drawn from the lived experience of over 700 individuals living with SCI with whom we are networked, as well as organisations and professionals who provide services and supports to people living with SCI.


All of our information officers have extensive lived experience of SCI and you can talk to one of them via phone, email or even face to face in our office.

Other ways you can keep informed about all things SCI are to subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter NewsLink, read our Spire community blog posts, and like our facebook page.

We have also compiled contact information for companies, organisations, and services that you may find helpful into Information Booklets for Victoria and Tasmania. Click on the images below to download a free copy.

Information Booklets

Our team here at Spire has produced a handy little booklet containing relevant information on organisations and programs that will be of benefit to our community; those of you with a Spinal Cord Injury and your families, living in Victoria and Tasmania.

These information booklets are intended as a starting point only. Let us know if you think there’s anything missing.

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