There is always something happening in the Victorian, or wider, SCI community. We aim to keep everyone up to date. If you have any news that would be of value to the community that you'd like to share, please contact us.

Shooting on wheels: A guide to smartphone video
25 September, 2020

Get better results when you’re using your phone to shoot video, by following a few easy tips.

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Peer Health tips for the age of COVID-19
21 September, 2020

The Spire Peer Health team has pulled together a thought-provoking guide to charting a course with your support team into a future where we manage and live around COVID-19.

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Disability support workers included in expanded COVID-19 testing
8 April, 2020

Testing for COVID-19 has been expanded for disability support workers and others providing care to someone with a disability. The recent move brings more security to people giving or receiving in-home and community support.

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Coronavirus and COVID-19 resources and tools
26 March, 2020

Have you been bowled over by the flood of news on coronavirus? Here are some online sources and tools that could help you find your feet.

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You ‘should be paid’ to advise on SCI research
11 September, 2019

People with lived experience should resist token enlistment in research projects and insist on full participation, Canadian advocate John Chernesky argues.

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