Wheelchair sports at the Arnold Classic

31 March, 2017

Spire was honoured to be invited to the 2017 Arnold Classic which was held the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre; spending two days showcasing, promoting and demonstrating various wheelchair sports.

Wheelchair athletes, including Spire team leader, Naz Erdem and a number of Paralympic medalists, participated in live exhibition matches, flaunting their skills and agility while drawing substantial crowds of spectators and enlisting some new supporters.

The wheelchair sports featured at the 2017 Arnold Classic included rugby, basketball, handball, badminton, tennis, and AFL, with spectators invited to participate during and after the matches to learn some skills from the experts. All of these sports are available for people to play at a local level or at the highest level like the Paralympic Games. 

The Arnold Classic is the world’s largest annual multi-sport and fitness festival established by Arnold Schwarzenegger which features live sports demonstrations, health and fitness workshops and celebrity athletes.

Held over three days at the Convention Centre in Southbank, over 100 exhibitors joined all types of athletes and fitness professionals to showcase their sports, skills, products and equipment; Spire was enthused to be a part of it. Other highlights of the event were the strongman competitions, speed cubing, boxing and pole fitness.

Spire’s appearance at the Arnold Classic was a massive success in exposing the wider community to the skills and abilities of wheelchair athletes and raising awareness to the range of wheelchair sports available.

Thank you to DSR for providing extra wheelchairs for the public to come and try the different sports; they were a great asset! Thank you also to all the athletes that gave up their time to attend this event and make it the success that it was.

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