Volunteer BBQ at Altona Beach

3 March, 2017

The event was held to thank Spire / AQA peer-support volunteers and skilled volunteers for their unwavering dedication and support, the work they have done (and will do!). It was also an excellent opportunity for new members and volunteers to meet or reunite with the old timers and hear about what everyone’s been up to.

The mercurial Melbourne weather played nice and gave us a summery Sunday, with azure skies and a balmy breeze. Food, drink and laughter could be found in abundance. Members discussed travel plans and shared stories of past travels.

The attendees also got a chance to explore the accessible beach matting, a new feature put in place by the Hobson’s Bay City Council, in a move to improve accessibility on beaches. The matting extends from the pavement up to the water’s edge, providing easy access for people with wheelchairs. Additionally, there are also two types of beach wheelchairs available for use - the Sandcruiser (designed to travel on the sand along the beach, available at Altona), and the MobiChair (designed to enter the water to waist height of the support person). The service is free, but bookings are essential. For more info on bookings, please contact the Council’s Metro Access and Inclusion Officer on 9932 1000 or email at [email protected]

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