Goal setting with the Campaspe Shire Council

29 July, 2020

For the July meeting, the Northern (Echuca) Community Network met with Campaspe Shire Council to hear their response on the Network's written feedback. It was an informative and engaging meeting with Sam and Ben from the Community Development team, and new and existing members of the Network.

Earlier in the year, the Network provided feedback on physical access issues to the Campaspe Shire Council. Sam informed the Network that the feedback on inaccessible roads and paths will be actionable in Council’s Access and Inclusion Strategy. Sam also clarified details on physical access to the Riverboat Dock in Echuca:

  • To access the foreshore and the boats, use the path starting from Watson street. The gradient of the path meets design standards.

  • There are particular gangways for boat operators to access their boats. These gangwa are not meant for pedestrian access, as the gradient is steep and are adjusted to changes in river heights.

  • It is the responsibility of boat and canoe operators and Murray River Council to provide access from the dock to the boat / canoes. The Network and Campaspe Shire Council agreed to work together to connect with relevant people to improve access, when restrictions for local businesses have eased.  

The Network and Sam and Ben also discussed:

  • People living or visiting Campaspe Shire can lodge customer service requests online, by phone or in person. The requests are logged into the system, the relevant person looks into it, and will reply to you with the outcome within a month.

  • Regarding Bindi eyes, send lists of areas needing management to Council or to [email protected]  

  • Having universal access would benefit everyone in the community in the long term, rather than focusing on improving access for specific population groups.

  • Standards and Codes guide projects and buildings, however sometimes there are unintended consequences (e.g. it is not accessible in practice). It is vital that communities and Council work together to find innovative ways around barriers during project planning.

  • Council is currently discussing the funding for the Aquatic Reserve, so they cannot comment on accessibility at this time.

  • Implementing the Access and Inclusion Strategy will take time due to impacts of COVID-19.

  • Involving other Council teams to hear about the Network’s lived experience on access and inclusion, and the Network becoming more involved in future projects.

Both parties appreciated the time to get to know each other better, and to provide feedback from their respective sides. The Network looks forward to continuing to build the relationship with Sam and Ben to improve access within Campapse Shire.

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