Taking good aim at inclusive archery and sailing

5 March, 2020

For the first meeting of 2020, the Ballarat-Bacchus Marsh Regional Network welcomed members back to the Network, and learned about the Wendouree Archery Club. The Wendouree Archery Club was established in 1941 and is the oldest registered archery club in Australia. They cater for people aged 5 to 80 years old to try archery, and support social archers, competitive archers and para-archers.

The Network met with coaches John and Judy, who taught the members how to shoot arrows and gave tips on scoring points. The Club had many different bows and arrows to suit the archer. Although it took a while to get used to the bow and arrow, the archers enjoyed aiming for, but unfortunately missing, the yellow bullseye in the middle of the target.

The Network also learned that the Wendouree Archery Club is currently striving to be more inclusive by purchasing assistive equipment to cater to people of all abilities. The Network looks forward to learning more of the new equipment when it is delivered.

Afterwards, the group had lunch at the Blue Bell Café and had the opportunity to catch up with a few more people who joined for lunch. It was a great atmosphere to share experiences on travel, health, and car modifications. A few members of the Network have also been enjoying sailing with Sailability on Lake Wendouree. They shared their stories of becoming solo sailors while sailing weekly, and encouraged interested members to give sailing a go before the sailing season finishes at the end of March.

Details of our next event

Thursday, 19 Mar 2020

10:30 AM

Ballarat Yacht Club

Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree VIC 3350

Available at venue

Sailing with Sailability from 10:30am – 12pm ($10pp), 12pm onwards lunch at cafe

Spire at 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128) or [email protected]

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