Geelong Regional Network

The Geelong Regional Network was started in August 2017 after surveying people living with SCI in the area for their interests, preferences and thoughts. The group is open and always interested in welcoming new members to the group. The group meets monthly; they set their own agendas and engage in different activities and events, such as hosting guest speakers, and visiting various locations and venues.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to join, attend a meeting or learn more about it.

You can browse through the articles below to follow the activities of the group.

Bring on 2021 - the year for local travel
3 December, 2020

At the November meeting, the South West Regional Network reflected on 2020 and planned for 2021.

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Tips and tricks to managing funding bodies
19 November, 2020

For the October meeting, the South West (Geelong) Network shared their tips and tricks on managing their respective funding body.

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Increasing independence through assistive digital technology
27 August, 2020

For the July meeting, the South West (Geelong) Regional Network were empowered to learn about assistive digital  technology with Jeff from OneStep Education Network.

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Maintaining connections though the Network’s first online meeting
21 April, 2020

In March, the Geelong Regional Network adapted easily for their first videoconferencing meeting.

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A tee-rrific day playing golf using the free ParaGolfer
18 March, 2020

For the first meeting of 2020, the Geelong Regional Network learned about the new ParaGolfer located at Curlerwis Golf Club.

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