Macca's Darwin Roadtrip - Part 2/2

30 October, 2014

We loved Macca's last blog post which transported us to fantasies of road trip adventures and warmer temperatures, read on for part two.

Well after two weeks in Darwin doing all the fun things time came to head South and return to the cooler weather.

We headed off Thursday morning for Renner Springs 828kms down the road, having stayed there a couple of weeks earlier we decided to get a bigger room that was accessible. Big Tony the owner gave us a room but it was half a metre step from the red dirt to the front door, his solution was a couple of old doors kicking about and a ramp was made. Ahhh access in the bush… ya gotta love it!

Anzac Hill lookout over Alice Springs.

Being self-funded for my carers gives me lots of flexibility in the way I can bank hours and save for holidays. I have flown my carer down from Darwin and will pick her up at Alice Springs tonight and spend the weekend catching up with a few Bennys [quads] that I have met with my work at Hampstead Rehab in Adelaide.  It’s a beautiful place and very accessible, I stayed at the Diplomat Hotel and it’s in the heart of town.

With 1500 kms behind us and the start of a new week we decide to do a mammoth 1225kms and head for Port Augusta. We arrive at 9pm to fireworks and the smell of hot curries as this little town knows how to throw a party.

Best Western motel looks after my needs and I awake at 5am to the alarm someone else had set and yep I couldn’t reach it to quieten you know the type, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Oh well, just under 1000kms left and I will be home in Echuca.

The drive through Burra is breathtaking, the Goyder highway winds through country roads with flowing hillsides filled with goats and horses and wild flowers to the roads edge. Cars travelling through this area feel obliged to return wave as the happy locals go about their everyday lives.

Mildura for fuel and lunch and the last push for home. We made it, 6pm, 9 degrees and happy to be home.

Pitstop at Kulgera, the southernmost town in the NT, 275 kilometres south of Alice Springs.

I head for work the next day and spot a Channel 7 car in the carpark, they had heard about my trip from different people and he thought it would be a good idea to run a story for Weekend Sunrise. So after spending a few days with me they are now armed with enough stuff to run a story. [Ran on 20/9/14]

For anyone interested you can check out a short video of how I get in and out and operate the excavator: 


Paul McKenzie (better known as Macca) is a true Aussie bloke and although he lives in the bush near Echuca he’s often spotted in Adelaide and Melbourne, and even Tasmania as he seeks to offer support to others with spinal cord injury. He has lived with C6 spinal cord injury since 1996. He is one of our regular volunteer bloggers.

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